A Humorous Take on Scam Prevention

Make no mistake about it; scam prevention is serious business. That doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a little wry humor at the scammers’ expense. Here’s a great story from the comments section of an online article about 6 common scams targeting elders:

“I love getting “grandchild in trouble”  calls ~~~ I let the “grandchild” talk and talk~~~ then either say I only have girls (if a boy)  ~~~ or only boys (if girl).  I have wasted their time and maybe saved one person from getting scammed…One of my answers that friends say is best ~~~~ I tell them I am retired nun and have no kids..so could not have grandchildren!”

Now THAT’S one savvy senior! I had to laugh when I read this, and appreciate it for the writer’s wicked cleverness and their underlying desire to maybe save someone else from being ripped off. Put in my “3 R’s of Scam Prevention” framework, the writer Recognized the presence of the scammy phone call, Responded in a way that didn’t play into the scammer’s plea and had some fun asserting her power over the crook, and then Reached Out by sharing her success with others in the comments to the story.

Brilliant. And inspiring!

You can read the full story here

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