A Personal Note From Author Art Maines

I started researching Scammed as a result of my experiences helping my 81 year old stepfather, Bill, recover from a devastating series of scams and frauds. All of this came to light in June, 2009, and our recovery plan continues today. My parents were also ripped off by an unscrupulous home repair contractor in the late 1990's, so I've seen the damage that kind of scam can do as well.

When I was looking for help and guidance for dealing with this kind of problem I didn't find very much out there, so I decided to take a bad experience and make something good and helpful (I hope!) come from it.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker working as a psychotherapist and counselor. I am part of a behavioral health group of psychiatrists and other therapists/counselors. I do quite a bit of work with elders in a variety of capacities in addition to working with couples and adults for a range of issues.

Connect With Me in More Ways

Please email me at elderlyfraudrecoveryhelp@gmail.com if I can help in some way. (Please note: I am only able to provide consultation about elderly fraud issues via email or video conferencing services. I do not and cannot provide mental health services outside of my home state of Missouri)

Availability for Talks and Presentations

I'm passionate about spreading the word about elderly fraud/scam recovery and effective prevention. I have given a number of very well-received talks and presentations to a variety of professional and seniors groups. Contact me at elderlyfraudrecovery@gmail.com to discuss presenting to your group or appearing on your podcast, radio show, or television segment.

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