Bogus Newspaper and Magazine Renewal Scams

One of the more annoying forms of scams against the elderly is the subscription scam. Lately there have been reports of companies sending out bogus renewal notices for our local newspaper here in my hometown of St. Louis, MO. They are highly deceptive in that they appear to be legitimate and could easily fool the uninformed, so in the interest of spreading the word and preventing anyone from getting ripped off, here are the names of the companies involved: 


Associated Publishers Network

850 Boulder Highway, #355

Henderson, NV 89015



Readers Payment Service (RPS)

P.O. Box 2489

White City, OR 97503



I intend that this information helps you recognize the scam, know how to respond, and reach out to verify any subscription renewal notices you or your parent may receive by checking the names and addresses on a mailing against the ones above. Never send payment to a third-party payment manager without verifying that your newspaper or magazine actually has a relationship with them. Remember that if you have a question about a subscription or renewal you can call the number in the front of the newspaper or magazine or check the periodical’s real website for contact information. If it’s happening here, there’s a good chance it’s happening where your parents (and you) live, too. 

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