Congratulations to Darrel Nance, The Senior Scam Action Associates Hero of the Year for 2014

I am very committed to the idea that all of us can play a role in helping to prevent our elders from getting ripped off. It can be something simple like asking a couple more questions when you hear your neighbor talking about some sketchy-sounding contest they say they’ve won. It could also be something on the scale of what postal worker Darrel Nance, the Senior Scam Action Associates Hero of the Year for 2014, did for a man in his small town.


Here’s the actual listing on what’s called the Heroes Corner Archive, an online listing of postal employees helping their customers and community members: 


“Kahoka, MO, Distribution Clerk Darrel Nance was working at the Post Office when he overheard a police officer talking to the Postmaster about a man who recently mailed $12,000 in cash to a company. He believed he would collect a $2.5 million prize. Nance remembered the man, found the receipts needed to track down the envelopes and gave them to the Postmaster. The Priority Mail envelopes were later intercepted and the money was returned to the man.”


What Mr. Nance did saved an unwitting victim from a serious, potentially devastating financial loss.  Losing that kind of money probably would have been very painful, and maybe detrimental to his health and wellbeing. In recognition of his generous regard for another person’s wellbeing, I am making a donation to the National Consumers League in his honor, and sending him a letter of thanks.  If you want to nominate someone for the award, email me at Senior Scam Action Associates is my new collaboration with other professionals to counter the increasing number and destructiveness of scams, frauds, and exploitation aimed at seniors. 


All of us are busy, but I want to encourage people to look out for our vulnerable elderly the way Mr. Nance did. Who are the elders in your life who may be vulnerable to a scam or fraud? How can you pay just a little more attention to them and help them stay safe? You can be a part of making the world a better place by playing an active role in safeguarding elders from predators. 

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