Handling Your Initial Reaction to Your Parent’s Being Scammed

However you discover your parent’s been ripped off, you’re likely to go through a period of shock. This reaction is a way our bodymind helps protect us from too much overwhelming information all at once. It’s a part of what we call the “fight-flight-freeze” phenomenon. Sometimes you hear people talk about it as the “deer in the headlights thing.”


You’ll be in the middle of thoughts like “This can’t be happening. Not to Mom (or Dad).”


You may feel numb, or “out of it,” or “spacey.” You may not know what to do first.


You’re not going crazy or cracking up. Trust me on this.


What you can do about this is something called grounding. It involves a series of steps to help you work through the initial shock. Grounding involves reconnecting to your senses and what they are picking up from your immediate surroundings. It’s getting back into your body and it’s connection to the physical world.


Here are some simple things to do to get you back to handling what’s before you:

1. Stretching and moving your body for 5 minutes

2. Drinking a glass of water slowly

3. Noticing and remarking out loud about items in your environment. For example, how many red things can you find around you.

4. Standing barefoot on the ground for a short time

5. Going for a brief walk or other physical activity


There are many more ideas for grounding, but I hope these will get you started.


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