Kudos to Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander

Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander’s office has recently begun running television ads in which a sleazy-looking scammer  goes fishing for elders and their savings. The ads are highly effective in making a good point: Scammers are always out for sneaky and manipulative ways to steal seniors’ hard-earned retirement funds. 


The ads also publicize an important new website and toll-free number the Secretary’s office has launched to help protect investors from scams. The website is www.missourisafesavings.com, and the number is 1-800-721-7996. The site has a number of helpful resources and links, including pages for checking on a broker’s registration, filing a complaint, signing up for email notifications, and important news items. Of particular note is Mr. Kander’s list of “Top Threats to Missouri Investors” report, which details such emerging scams as digital currency (“Bitcoins”) scams and crowd funding. I signed up for the email notices and will be eager to pass the information along to my readers and those who attend my talks.


All of this information will be helpful to people both in Missouri and around the country to educate themselves about scams and frauds, so kudos to Jason Kander for helping to reduce the number of scam victims and help those who fall prey to dirty crooks.


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