Need Home Repairs? Buy This Book!

As we kick off the Summer season, our thoughts turn to beaches, barbecues, and…


Home Repairs??


While homeowners know that their largest investment can need repairs anytime, it seems that the warmer months are prime time for getting a little work done around the old homestead. Couple that with the possibility of damage from thunderstorms, tornadoes, and hurricanes, and you’ve sadly got a prime season for crooked home repair contractors, too. As you may remember from reading my book, my own parents were ripped off by an unscrupulous home repair contractor back in the 1990s to the tune of $60k. I had to hire a consulting engineer to sort out the mess–not good.


I’m happy to report, however, that we have a “friend in the business,” Phae Moore of the National Center for the Prevention of Home Improvement Fraud and Phae has written a marvelously helpful book, Don’t Even THINK About Ripping Me Off!,  to guide people through the many potential pitfalls of hiring a contractor. If you or the elders in your life are thinking about hiring someone to repair or remodel your home, Phae’s book is a must-read. It could possibly save you thousands of both dollars and headaches. It’s full of insider information such as the importance of asking your attorney about the Statute of Repose in your state, which governs how long you have to make a complaint about construction defects after a contractor finishes a job. Who knew? Phae did, and she teaches you what you need to know in an easy-to-read format, full of handy checklists and tips.


I can’t endorse Don’t Even THINK About Ripping Me Off highly enough for anyone planning a home remodeling project, or who may face home repairs. In short, I personally think everyone who owns a home or has seniors who own their homes should buy (and use) this book.  


Here’s where you can buy your copy (All of the proceeds go to support the good work of NCPHIF and


To hear our excellent interview with Phae Moore on our podcast, The Scammercast, click here


Do you have a story about a crooked contractor? How did you handle it? Leave us a comment at or send me an email at and we’ll spread the word to help others!




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