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I’m a member of the eldercare professionals group on LinkedIn, and through that group I came across a very worthwhile article about financial abuse of elders. The author is Judy Heft, a professional and personal financial organizer based in Connecticut. She tells the story of one of her clients, a 101 year old man who was ripped off by a trusted caregiver to the tune of $16,000. The thief knew what she was doing, too, and perpetrated her crime in such a way that she couldn’t be prosecuted. The article just helped me update my talks on prevention I give to elders to include another “red light on your dashboard;” an elder’s signing checks made out to cash for the caregiver to take to a local business to endorse. In her article she makes the point that this stopped the police from prosecuting the caregiver because the signatures were not forged. Sneaky, huh!?

I encourage you to read the rest of Judy’s article by clicking the link below:

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