Reminder About Utility Scams

Yesterday my hometown newspaper, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, had a story about customers of the local utility company receiving emails claiming they needed to pay their bills via a link in the email.  What was actually going on was a common but clever “phishing” scam. The crooks were trying to get people to give them their personal information, especially their Social Security number and bank account information.  The emails had very official-looking logos and graphics for the utility company. While the article didn’t say if anyone had fallen for this scam, it’s a reminder of this all-too-common ploy to steal people’s information and, potentially, their identity. So here’s the gentle reminder: NEVER give out personal information via an email claiming to be from a utility, bank, the IRS, or other institution. Pass the word to the elders you know and keep this in mind for yourself as well.

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