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... is available for speaking events and interviews on elderly fraud prevention, scam recovery, and other topics related to protecting seniors from scams and rip offs. To contact Art to book an interview email:

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Is your Mom or Dad a potential scam victim?
How Senior can protect themselves against telemarketing and home repair scams.
Red flags that may mean your loved one is being taken advantage of scammers


Art Maines, LCSW, is the author of Scammed: 3 Ways to Help Your Elder Parent and Yourself, a mental health professional in private practice, a speaker, and an expert in elderly fraud recovery. He earned his MSW from Washington Universtiy. Art and his stepfather, Bill, live in St. Louis Missouri, where he is an avid cyclist and champion for helping others.

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Have you ever worried that one of your elder loved ones would be scammed? Rip off artists and scammers often target seniors using sophisticated methods that are hard to resist. Today's guest, Art Maines, is a Licensed Professional Counselor and expert in frauds and scams against the elderly and the author of an important new book, Scammed: 3 Ways to Help Your Elder Parents and Yourself.

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